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‘Moment’ is the solution that the customers needed, with the intent of creating a solid, easy to use, easy to maintain, 3D printer that would be both useful and fun.

Stylish compact design​​​​

Moment is designed to suit any setting or deco, in the office or at your home. The strong aluminium frame to minimize vibration and noise. One 3D Printer, which provides Stability, Durability and Design.

User friendly

Moment 3D Printer is simple and very easy to use with improvement on existing problems, such as nozzle-clogging and complicate leveling. The optimized printbed leveling system makes the users' work easier.

Various applications

Moment 3D Printer is compatible to be used in any field such as education, architecture, engineering, medical, hobby, etc. This is due to its high accuracy, precision and the various materials that can be used such as PLA, ABS, flexible, wood etc. 

High precision printing

With a print resolution from 0.3mm all the way down to 0.05mm per layer, gives users the ability to print high quality and durability designs. Moment 3D Printer also gives you fine finishing due to its high accuracy feature.​​

MOMENT Materials

  1. PLA / Wood
    Poly Lactic Acid
  2. ABS
    Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  3. Nylon / Polyamid
    PA6, PA66
  4. Flexible / TPU
  5. PET / PC
3D Printing using Moment
Video Title: 
3D-printing Dabo Pagoda of Korea by Moment 3D Printer

Source: Youtube
Published by: Hyunam Chang

Dabo Pagoda, printed by iCreate using Moment 3D Printer

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