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KTENG is a technology company located in South Korea. KTENG focusing on "Triple E" activity which is Education, Engineering and Environment. KTENG produces experiment equipment for educational purposes that related to air-conditioning, refrigeration, automatic control and renewable energy. Besides that, KTENG also conducts research and development (R&D) to improvise their products and services. 

KTENG's Products & Services

  1. Education Equipment Proposal
    KTENG provides some educational equipment proposal that can be applied at educational institutions.
  2. Experimental Equipment
    KTENG produces experiment equipment for various courses/subjects.

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Education Equipment Proposal

  1. Automatic Control Mechnical Practical Training
    KTENG proposed this practical training to improve Field Practical Performance from the Basic Theory & practice of Automatic Control through practices of Intermediate and Advanced Courses.
  2. Solar & Wind Power Generation System Practical Training
    KTENG proposed this practical training to enable the users to teach and learn the principles and structure of all sorts of equipment related to Solar Generation Industrial, and enable them to perform to exercise on-site practical ability.
  3. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning System Practical Training
    This practical training helps users to understand the basic principles and to improve the practical skills and the skills to check and repairs the system required by Air Conditioning Refrigeration Industry.
  4. Solar Heat & Geothermal System Practical Training
    Through this practical training, users can perform to exercise such as preventive maintenance and post-maintenance, Solar heat and Geothermal equipment's Automatic Control installation & adjustment, and on-site practical ability related.
  5. Robot Control Practical Training
    This practical training contains basic, intermediate and advanced courses in Robot Control. Users will learn about the fundamental of robot control, robot assemble and programming, the communication interface and set-up maintenance.
  6. PLC Automation Control System Practical Training
    In this practical training, users will learn about automation system control, pneumatic elements, logic control, basic control, etc.
  7. Hydraulic & Pneumatic Control Practical Training
    In this practical training, users will learn about logic control, pneumatic elements, hydraulic elements, hydraulic and pneumatic system control, etc.
  8. Electricity Sequence Control Practical Training
    Users can improve understanding of basic principles of overall system and practical ability required in the electric-automated industry.
  9. Power Equipment Practical Training
    The contents of this practical training are designed to accumulate the basic ability to understand the on-site working business and to improve Field Practical Performance.
  10. Fire Fighting System Practical Training
    Fire Fighting System Practical Training includes water-based fire extinguishing, gas fire extinguishing, alarm, evacuation, etc.
  11. Green Technology LED Practical Training
    Through this training, users can bodily feel the characteristics of each LED by driving typical LED's often used in the actual field, and perform the on-site practical abilities.
  12. Welding Machine Training System Practical Training
    There are three courses provided in this training: basic, intermediate and advanced. KTENG provides 6 types of welding machines for educational proposes.

New & Renewable Energy Experimental Equipment

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