1. 3DSystems, ProJet660, 3DPrinter, CJP, prototype
    Shoe Prototype
  2. 3DSystems, ProJet660, 3DPrinter, CJP, architecture
    House Prototype
  3. 3DSystems, ProJet660, 3DPrinter, CJP, architecture
    Prototype of Power Plant
  4. 3DSystems, ProJet660, 3DPrinter, FDM, CJP
    Small miniature
  5. 3d printing, prototype, projet, mjp 3600, 3d systems
    Mechanical part
  6. moment, 3d printer, fdm, pla
    Pagoda Prototype
  7. 3d printing, prototype, projet, mjp 2500, 3d systems
    Super Mario
  8. 3d printing, prototype, projet, mjp 3600, 3d systems
    Storm Tropper
  9. 3d printing, prototype, projet, mjp 3600, 3d systems
    Mechanical part
  10. 3d printing, prototype, projet, mjp 2500, 3d systems
    Heart prototype

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  1. SHINING 3D | For More Shining Ideas
    SHINING 3D® was founded in Dec 2004 and based in Hangzhou, which is in East China and near Shanghai. SHINING 3D focuses on 3D Scanning and 3D Printing technology, including R&D and manufacturing equipment, build and operating more than 10 service bureaus in different cities in China by providing local service as 3D Scanning, design, 3D Printing, Rapid manufacturing. SHINING3D has over 500 staff members, and was listed in “New OTC Market”(”New Over-the-counter Market“)in 2014 (stock:830978) as the first stock in China's 3D printing industry. Keep up with the times and never stop exploring. SHINING 3D has more than 10 types of 3D scanning and 3D printing equipment, varies from consumer level products to industrial level products. In 3D scanner product line, we have EinScan-S for education market to help anybody scanning high quality 3D data for printing, EinScan-Pro for professional designer on Reverse Design application, OptimScan-3M and OptimScan-5M for high accuracy 3D design and inspection application, Freeform X3 handy laser scanner for portable 3D scanning application, AutoScan for Dental and Jewel design application in fully automated control. In 3D printer product line, we have consumer grade FDM desktop printer Einstart-S and Einstart-L, we also provide big volume OEM 3D printer manufacturing based on our manufacturing capacity and strict QC process. Furthermore, We have SLA/SLM/SLS industrial 3D printer for prototyping and rapid manufacturing application. As a technology company, we still focus on our technology in future, by providing higher capability and lower cost solution to more users. Visit our website: Email:[email protected] TEL:+86-571-82999050 Skype:shining3d_sales Facebook: Twitter:
  2. EinScan-SE & EinScan-SP Desktop 3D Scanner | SHINING3D
    SHINING3D( introduces the EinScan SE (Elite) and EinScan-SP (Platinum) (, the next step in the evolution of desktop 3D scanners, with unique different specifications to meet most applications’ requirement. ● Multi-functional, Capture 3D Data Easier and Faster ● Dual scan modes: Auto Scan and Fixed Scan ● Wide scan range from small to large.