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What is 3D Printing?​

The fundamental of 3D Printing
3D Printing is a method of manufacturing physical parts as an additive process, as opposed to traditional Subtractive Manufacturing using Mills, Routers, Lathes etc.

With 3D Printing successive layers of build material are placed on top of each other to build a physical part from a digital 3D CAD file. It’s a similar process to how a sea shell will grow over time (minus the digital file) and can leave a very similar effect.

Additive manufacturing has several different processes of producing a prototype. Each method has its own advantages, though all use the same principle of adding material layer by layer. The same idea of building up, rather than cutting away applies no matter which method of additive manufacturing you choose to use.

Source: Mashable

How does 3D Printing work?

How can you get a 3D model file?

You either need to:
  1. Designing your model by using any CAD software that you expert with, eg.: Autodesk, Solidwork, Catia, Tinkercad, etc
  2. Download your required designs from any 3D models website, eg:
What is slicing process?

Slicing process is a process where the 3D model that you have designed/downloaded is being cut into layers before it can be send to the printer for printing process. 

This process is usually done by using a software (get from the 3D printer brand or online). All the settings like thickness of each layer, the support used, printing speed and estimation time for printing are done here.
Printing process

​This is the final process, where your 3D model file will be printed into a 3D model object. 

Before this process begins, you need to:
  1. choose a material & suitable 3D printer
  2. set the right printing setting (temperature, speed, resolution)
  3. check the surrounding condition (is it required air-conditional? closed area? etc)

All checked? Then, let's start printing! 

How to 3D Printing with us?

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  1. Select The Material
    We have various materials that you can choose from: 1) PLA / ABS filaments 2) Plastic resins 3) Composite powder 4) Metal powders
  2. Check Your Budget
    The most important part is to check your budget. How much is allocated for your project/work? We will give some suggestions based on your budget.
  3. Check Your 3D Design
    Please check your 3D design drawing: 1) is it has functions? 2) is it perfectly assembled? (optional based on design) 3) requires specific mechanical properties
  4. Check Your Schedule
    Time is money! Check your project timeline & dateline. Get your 3D designs perfectly printed on time!

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